Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When a Child is what I call pre-diagnosed with Downs Syndrome in the womb or at birth there are amazing parents, groups, and resources for comfort and support.

However, there are also many stories where parents cannot find this avenue but are encouraged to abort, assume and create an agenda for an unborn child. Even after they are born they can be labeled high or low "functioning" before the age of a day.

Many of our kids fight back and show the professionals their statistics are wrong.... in a good way.

Our Kids will do what they do, but we can hope can't we? We can proclaim a positive stance and hold out that they will reach their full potential at a level they are capable if we believe in them as we would a child who is born without a diagnosis because no child is a mistake.

This page is to list your page, support groups, reach out and inform because you are not alone.